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The music video for one of Meg’s songs, “Predictable,” was released. The music video is amazing, combining a fortune teller aesthetic with some 90s aesthetic, and it feels so totally Meg.

“Predictable” is just one of eight songs on Meg’s first album, Trust! You can listen to the album on Spotify or Apple Music! Or you can listen to the songs on Meg’s official YouTube account, as linked in the track list below!

1. Trust
2. Predictable
3. Balls in Your Court (feat. TJ Porter)
4. We Work
5. Just Like You (feat. Kota the Friend)
6. Impress
7. Losing My Mind
8. I’m Back (feat. 2 Milly)

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Happy Thanksgiving, United States! Today, Meg attended and performed in the Dunkin’ Donuts 100th Thanksgiving Day Parade in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Meg performed the Christmas song “Joy To the World”! If you want to see her performance, you can see it in 6abc Philadelphia’s livestream of the parade (about an hour and 25 minutes in). The video quality isn’t the best, but Meg’s incredible voice is loud and clear!

I have also added 16 images of Meg at the parade. Click the thumbnails below to see them in our gallery!

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On Sunday, November 24, Meg attended the 2019 American Music Awards and I’ve added over 80 large and high quality images of Meg. Her outfit is stunning!

Click the thumbnails below to see them in our gallery!

I have also added 12 high quality stills and behind the scenes images from American Housewife 4×10 “The Bromance Before Christmas”! The episode will air on ABC, December 13 at 8:00|7:00c.

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Meg just released TWO new singles titled Predictable and Just Like You tonight in anticipation for her debut album titled TRUST, which will come out Friday, December 6!
You can listen to it below, or add Predictable and Just Like You to your Spotify playlist! Who’s loving these new jams?


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Disney Channel has been releasing some fun videos of challenges with Meg (and Milo) to promote Z-O-M-B-I-E-S 2, which comes out 2020! Check out the videos below. The newest one will be at the top. Click “read more” to see even more videos!


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Meg hosted Disney Channel’s 2019 Halloween Special, “Hall of Villains,” which aired this past Sunday. During the special, Meg sang a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do.” I have added one still to the gallery and you can watch the full special below!

And if you just want to watch Meg’s song performance, you can check it out below:

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Happy 19th birthday, Meg! We’re so proud of everything you have accomplished and cannot wait to see what you accomplish this year. メグちゃんお誕生日おめでとう!

In honor of Meg’s 19th birthday, I have added new themes made by KaciElizabeth to the main site and gallery! We hope you enjoy the new themes as much as we do!

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